Friday, October 18, 2013

10/18/2013: Kokopelli Trail head - Fruita, Colorado
We continue to make rapid progress towards home!
St. Louis Missouri

Kansas City Missouri


The Front Range west of Denver!

Campsite in Glenwwood Springs CO
All alone along the Colorado River

Today we are in Fruita Colorado so Trox can ride some really good single-track and then tomorrow we will push on in to Utah! This will be my last post before we get home! We have both really enjoyed our trip but are looking forward to sleeping in a big bed and having a house to spread out in. Plus we are both looking forward to getting back in our routine especially the gym!

My last post ended with my paddle on Rend Lake. Trox also paddled that lake the next morning and as I said he has a new camera so he came back with great bird pics.
Great Egret

Great Heron

A Flycatcher of some variety


Our next major stop after Illinois wasn't until Kansas where we spent a cold night at Kanopolis Lake State Park. Once again the federal shutdown bit us as we were hoping to stay in a different campground on the same lake but alas it is operated by the Core of Engineers and therefore federal - ARGHHHH!
Sunset over Kanopolis Lake

The next morning saw us heading for Cheyenne Bottoms which is a very important wet land for migrating birds. Last year we also visited this area about the same time and found the wet lands DRY. This year they are very wet and there are lots of birds!
Red-winged Black Birds

A Great Heron in amazing camouflage


Black Ibis

Black Ibis

Black Ibis with
Sandpiper in the foreground




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